Disney Star Wars

When two worlds collide

Han Solo is Sleeping Beauty and only Chewbecca’s kiss can awaken him. #StarWarsDisneyPlots


Snow White and the Seven Droids #StarWarsDisneyPlots

The reason why Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, and Darth Maul all failed- they had capes #incredible #StarWarsDisneyPlots

Anakin, son of a pirate, returns the last piece of federation gold to the space station- disables droids & saves Naboo#StarWarsDisneyPlots

Princess Leia, after discovering she’s a Jedi, is teleported 2 modern day NYC & realizes there’s no Force #disenchanted#StarWarsDisneyPlots

Little Anakin runs away from his parent & gets trapped in a fish tank… of evil desires owned by an Australian emperor#StarWarsDisneyPlots

Yo ho Yo ho a Sith Lord’s life for me. #starwarsdisneyplots

A wookie who wants to be like you hoo hoo. #starwarsdisneyplots

C3PO tries to turn into a human so he can walk, run, and stay all day in the sun, 2 be a part of Luke Skywalker’s world#StarWarsDisneyPlots

A young girl stranded in the death star falls in love with Darth Vader. Her love turns him into a handsome young Jedi.  Add to that a chorus line of storm troopers singing “Be Our Guest” #StarWarsDisneyPlots